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The Potion Masters

The Potion Masters

Handmade in Canada with love and a touch of Magic!

  • $19.99

    Alchemist’s Elixir (30ml)

    This Face Mask Activator contains lightweight oils of Avocado, Hempseed, Camellia and Vitamin E. Glycerine and Cera Bellina are humectants that at...

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  • $39.99

    Fairy Fountain (28ml)

    Best For: Dehydrated, Dry and Mature Skin      Texture: Juicy      Finish: Dewy Inspired by fairy rings, lush gardens and marshy forests; this wat...

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  • $44.99

    Frolic - Skin Polish (70g)

    Best For: All skin types      Results: Fresh, Clean, Brightened skin.      Scent: Blue Tansy & Rose Frolic Skin Polish uses both ultra-finely ...

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  • $34.99

    Purification - Alchemy Mask (60g)

    Best For: Oily, Congested Skin    Results: Deep Cleansed Skin, Refined Pores  Scent: Chocolate Pudding When we are dealing with unhappy skin, we n...

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  • $69.99

    The Potion for Face Minis Collection (5 x 15ml)

    This collection includes all five Face Potions (15 ml each) and a 100% Organic Cotton Facecloth.  With an innovative formula that is unique in the...

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