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Baobab (70g)


the fruit of the ancient, baobab is used to support the immune system with its impressive vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, + calcium content. known to assist with digestion + nurture optimal health in the gut, it is full of both soluble + insoluble fiber, making baobab a wonderful prebiotic. what’s more, baobab has been used as a powerful antioxidant, as well as considered beneficial to those on a low glycemic diet.

lab notes | add a quarter to half a teaspoon to your favorite smoothie, dressing, soup, or elixir

ingredients | baobab fruit*, love. *organic powder

  • nt. wt. 70g [2.5oz]

  • origin: Madagascar

  • caution + warnings | made in a facility that may also handle eggs, wheat, tree nuts, + peanuts

disclaimer | the information found on this site is for educational purposes only. it is not meant to diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease or illness.