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Red Belted Conk (Fomitopsis pinicola) (0.5oz)


Red Belted Conk (Fomitopsis pinicola) Spagyric Tincture

Red Belted Conk supports the immune system and promotes a healthy inflammatory response, with a special affinity towards the digestive tract. Red Belted Conk has also shown efficacy in protecting the body against oxidative stress.

This product is very viscous - shake well before using. Thick consistency is normal.

Red Belted Conk Helps to Support:

  • The body's own natural ability to heal itself
  • A healthy histamine response
  • Optimal digestive functioning
  • A healthy inflammation response in the gut
  • The body's innate immune system
  • The body’s natural ability to promote healthy, normal cell growth
  • A healthy inflammation response 

Product Ingredients:

Red Belted Conk (Fomitopsis pinicola) Fruit Body, Purified Mineral Salts, Distilled Water, & Organic Cane Alcohol

All mushrooms are ethically wild-harvested or cultivated in North America.

Planetary Correspondence: